Our People

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham
Executive Director, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI)
Louis A. Beecherl, Jr. I Dinstinguished Professor

Research Interests: Data security, data mining for counter-terrorism, secure cloud computing

Rhonda Walls

Rhonda Walls

Project Coordinator

Cyber Security and Research Education Institute (CSI)


Dr. Kamil Sarac

Director of Education, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI)
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Computer networks, network and service monitoring and Internet measurements, overlay networks, network security and denial-of-service defense, group communication and IP multicast

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu

Director, Data Security and Privacy Lab

Research Interests: Security/privacy issues in data mining, databases, healthcare and social networks, cryptography


 Dr. Janell StraachDr. Janell Straach

Senior Lecturer

Director, Center for Engaging Women in Cyber Security

Research Interests: Software maintenance and evolution, women in STEM/cyber security, software project planning and management


Dr. Kevin Hamlen
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: In-lined reference monitors, execution monitors, type-safe intermediate languages



Dr. Latifur Khan
Director of Security Analytics, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI)

Data Mining for Malware Detection

Research Interests: Big data analytics, data mining for malware detection, multimedia information management, semantic web and database systems

Dr. Jorge Cobb

Dr. Jorge Cobb

Director of Outreach, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Computer networking

Dr.Yvo Desmedt
Jonsson Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Access control, anonymity and internet voting, conventional cryptography, bridging theory and practice, critical infrastructures, cryptanalysis, breaking and hacking of systems, distributed and network security (including: reliable and perfectly secure message transmission, secret sharing, secure multiparty computation,verifiable secret sharing), economic models for information security, hardware security, public key cryptography

Zygmunt Haas
Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Wireless communications and mobile systems and biologically inspired complex systems and networks.


Dr. Zhiqiang Lin
Systems and Cloud Security
Associate Professor

Research Interests: System (OS and Hypervisor) and software security, virtualization, reverse engineering, binary analysis, computer forensics, and cloud computing.

Dr. Alvaro Cardenas
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Intrusion detection, critical infrastructure protection, smart grid security and privacy, big data analytics for security, wireless networks, security economics, game theory, embedded systems, trusted computing


Dr. Yiorgos Makris
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests: Applications of machine learning and statistical analysis towards enhancing robustness and trustworthiness of integrated circuits (ICs) and systems, developing methods for detecting hardware Trojans and counterfeit ICs, protocols for trusted acquisition of third party hardware intellectual property (IP), post-deployment trust monitoring solutions, as well as general test and reliability methods for digital and analog circuits.

 J. V. RajendranDr. Jeyavijayan (JV) Rajendran
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests: Hardware security, nanoelectronic computing architectures, VLSI design

Affiliated Faculty - School of Engineering and Computer Science


Farokh Bastani
Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: AI-based automated software synthesis and testing, embedded real-time process-control and telecommunications systems, formal methods and automated program transformation, high-assurance autonomous decentralized systems , high-confidence software reliability and safety assurance, inherently fault-tolerant and self-stabilizing distributed systems, modular parallel programs, tele-collaborative systems.

Dr. I-Ling Yen
Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Distributed and parallel systems, web technologies, fault tolerance for parallel and distributed systems, multimedia systems and tools

Dr. Eric Wong
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Program-based testing, debugging, reliability, safety, and analysis; architecture/design-based testing, debugging, metrics, and analysis.

Dr. B. (Prabha) Prabhakaran
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Multimedia systems

Dr. Weili Wu
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Optimization problems that occur in wireless networking environments and various database systems

Dr. Neeraj Mittal
Associate Professor

Research Interests: distributed systems, wireless and ad hoc networks, wireless network security, software transactional memory

Cong Liu
 Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Real-time and embedded systems, battery-powered cyber physical systems, mobile and cloud computing.

Dr. Vincent Ng
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Machine learning of natural language, text mining and NLP applications, opinion and argumentation mining, anaphora and coreference resolution, morphology and part-of-speechn tagging and information extraction

Vibhav GogateDr. Vighav Gogate

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining and big data

Ebru Cankaya

Dr. Ebru Cankaya
Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Research Interests: Computer security, data security, lossless compression, cryptology

Nhut Nguyen
Dr. Nhut Nguyen

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Computer networking

Dr. Richard Goodrum
Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Mr. Kevin Henson

Cyber Defense Labs

Affiliated Faculty - School of Management

Dr. Alain Bensoussan
Director of the International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis
Distinguished Research Professor of Operations Management

Research Interests: Applied mathematics, control theory, risk management, inventory control and finance

Dr. Huseyin Cavusoglu
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Economics of information systems, information security management, homeland security, product customization and supply chain management

Dr. Indranil Bardhan

Research Interests: Business value of information technology, IT investment planning and prioritization, new product development, IT strategy research and data envelopment analysis

Dr. Srinivasan Raghunathan

Research Interests: Economics of IT security and information sharing in supply chains

Affiliated Faculty - School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Holmes

Dr. Jennifer Holmes


Head of Political Science

Head of Public Policy and Political Economy

Research Interests:  Political violence, terrorism, political development

Dr. John L. Worrall
Professor of Criminology and Program Head

Research Interests: Prison architecture and police levels and crime=



Patrick Brandt

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Event count time series models, forecasting methodology and evaluation, inter- and intra-state conflict, international and comparative political economy, terrorism, vector autoregression.


Dr. Fang Qiu
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Remote sensing digital image processing, spatial analysis and modeling, GIS application software development, and web-based mapping and information processing.


Dr. Robert G. Morris
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Etiology of, and continuity in, technology driven crime; life-course criminology, contemporary issues in corrections administration, recidivism, and prison inmate behavior


Affiliated Faculty - School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Matthew Goeckner

Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean

Research Interests: Plasma-materials interactions, plasma science, material growth kinetics.

 Dr. David Lary

Dr. David Lary
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Remote sensing and computation

Michael Baron

Dr. Michael Baron

Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Sequential analysis and sequential design; bayesian inference; change-point detection; applications of statistics in clinical trials, epidemiology, semiconductor manufacturing, energy finance and cyber security.


Dr. Yulia Gel
Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Time series analysis, spatio-temporal processes, regularization for weakly dependent data, high-dimensional inference, statistical inference for random graphs and networks, nonparametrics, bootstrap and resampling.  Applications of statistics to environmental modeling, epidemiology, finance and legal studies.

Affiliated Faculty - School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Dr. Daniel Krawczyk
Associate Professor



Research Interests: Cognition and neuroscience of reasoning,memory and attention.



James Bartlett
Ashbel Smith Professor

Interim Dean, School of Behavioral Professor

Program Head for Cognition and Neuroscience PhD

Research Interests: Theoretical and applied aspects of human perception and memory for complex, multi-faceted objects and events including human faces, visual scenes, and melodies, normal and pathological aging of perception and memory, and the role of affect in perception and memory.