UT Dallas receives its 2015 Cybercorps Scholarship for Service Award
                UT Dallas faculty and scholarship students are on hand to receive the
                 CyberCorps Scholarship for Service award certificate in Washington, DC in January 2015.

Education Center

The Department of Computer Science offers four tracks of study leading to an MS or PhD:

1) Information Assurance

2) Intelligent Systems

3) Networks and Telecommunications

4) Traditional Computer Science

Information Assurance Track

Information Assurance Track Students interested in increasing their knowledge in information assurance, network security and the ethics involved in information technology should choose this track.
The core courses are:

CS 6363 Design & Analysis of Computer Algorithms
CS 6378 Advanced Operating Systems
CS 6324 Information Security

Plus two of the following four courses:
CS 6377 Introduction to Cryptography
CS 6348 Data and Applications Security
CS 6349 Network Security
CS 6301 System Security and Malicious Code Analysis

Note: For the information assurance track, students must also take six elective courses (three CS electives and three approved information assurance electives), and all electives must be 6000 level or above. A course cannot be used to satisfy both core and elective requirements.

Information Assurance Education Programs

Scholarship for Service program